The 90's

Posted by Ray | Posted on 1:31 AM

A throwback to when I was a kid and was too shallow to notice these great music around me because all the radio played were boy/girlbands and pop 'divas'. Although these weren't stuffs I listened much to back then, they grew to become soundtracks to memories from that time. Heck, listening to them now is nostalgic!

Matchbox Twenty - Kyle Cook has definitely gotta be one of the most overlooked guitarists of the 90's. Listen or watch Matchbox live; you'll see what I'm going on about.

Also watch this cover of the Beatles classic, another point of reference:

No Doubt - Gwen may have made it big and the band may be sufficiently loaded too, but there's no doubt that No Doubt made pretty good music to back up the heavy airplay they had. Gwen's slightly pitchy in this vid, but when you're looking that good while moving that much, it's forgiven yo.

Garbage - The name's an extreme misnomer. One of the sexiest women in rock music at that time , fusing pure intensity and style in the band's approach. Warning though, they can be a slight bit of an acquired taste if you've had too much artificial sweetening in your bubblegum pop-rock!

Live - Man, this band's really something. If one were to describe Ed's singing voice as how one describes wine, it sound something like 'heavy notes of love and sincerity, with prevalent overtones of spirituality and hope'.

Not one of their 90's songs, but I think this song captures what I mean perfectly.

Of course this 90's throwback does not just happen out of a vacuum, in a way I feel life has a way of coming back full circle. About 3/4 done with relocating back to my old house which is where I spent a good part of the 90's, which is actually much longer ago than I would have like to have thought! 15-20 years ago mang!

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