This is a Call to Arms...

Posted by Ray | Posted on 11:08 PM


Today was one of those days where waking up seem highly improbable and difficult to do, a feeling that I'd be better off asleep being a dominant overtone. Have not felt this way in a long time, but there's little that can be done about it.

The dramatic title refers to the Battle of the Bands at SEGi College that my new band, Searching Pluto, was participating in. Been two weeks ago, but only blogging about it now, as I was hoping to get the video that a good friend of mine took of the performance. Still waiting.

Ah, yes, they have lights and all, so that must tell you how grand of an event this is! The event was held over two day and two nights, first day being the qualifiers for the Finals on day 2. The band made it to day 2, but didn't finish in the Top 2 (they do not announce the ranking for the other Top15 bands).

Cash prize for first place was 4k, if I'm not mistaken, second place takes home 1k! Naturally, the pull of such financial rewards draw a lot of bands to the event, we were up against some really big guns. Trust me, attend one of these events, you'll be wondering why bands like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and A(n) (dis)Honest Mistake are left to pollute the airwaves. Hmm, then again, The Mistakes did win a Battle of the Bands event, I wonder has there been some 'behind-the-scenes' action that had took place...

Went for another Battle of the Bands event today, at this newly-renovated Hot Sounds Studio. Probably the best looking studio I have been to (or know), with professional looking furnishing. The cash prize of RM 6,000 for the champs definitely got me excited. Not sure when the results would be announced, but Semi-Finals are next month.

Non-music wise, it's been really dismal. Job search doesn't seem to lead anywhere, old band close to breaking up (yes, a band relationship IS like a real romantic relationship, so I'm allowed to grieve over it!), and not to mention, anticipation of the possibility of being kicked out of the house as well. One must wonder, "What has Ray done this time??"

The end is looming.

-Left Brain-