Her name's Gloria...

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People have been asking me about what I've been doing with my indefinite vacation, so I guess I shall take the time out and blog about it right here.

Let's start with an abnormally hectic Saturday last week (13-14 March), where I had the ultimate displeasure of having to wake up by sunrise to go to...

Event 1: HELP's IFC (Interdepartment Futsal Competition/Crap)

Been jogging quite a bit to lose the extra inches off my belly leading to it, not easy at all. Losing post-vacation and post-CNY fat is extremely tough, almost like trying to divide by zero.

Anyways, the event was a farce, corrupt Department of Sports desperately trying to favor their beloved Matriculation department team full of Goldenballs. Too bad that didn't get them the gold, they got whipped by a superior Business team in the finals. Almost like watching a 5 star FIFA World XI team tear apart Grimsby Town. Or the Malaysian football team. Or Liverpool. Psych-ers still finished 4th in both Team A and Team B's leagues.

Can't help but feel someone's missing, perhaps the photographer ;)

Event 2: Gloria Jean's Manager Farewell

Have been playing bass in a yet-to-be-named band, here's us in action at Sunway Pyramid's Gloria Jean's Coffee!

For those who missed out, TOO BAD! But naturally, there will be plenty more chances to catch me, I mean, US, in action. Gonna be at SEGi College this weekend for Battle of the Bands Preliminaries! Not too sure if we'd get through to the finals, but bet your money that you'd hear me blabbering bout it if we do!

*pic credits goes to Jac!

And if there's still questions on what I've been doing on the other weekdays, here's a woodworking project I undertook for my musical pursuits:

After assembly and woodstaining

After attaching pedals and etc.

Took up much of my time scrambling around IKEA, OneU and Pyramid to get materials as selection/stocking is poor in Subang. Been a great time doing some DIY, and proud to say I did not need be part of a worship team with disco lights to obtain a fancy ready made board.

Hope this post helps some of those who do read the blog get up to date about what's been my preoccupation, that's the point I had in mind when I started blogging anyways. Was not granted a great deal of capacity for relating my emotions.

-Left Brain-