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Hello all, today I'll be tackling some heavier matters in a light-hearted manner, please bear with me as I'll try to restraint from being too opinionated. The last political-themed post resulted in my internet service being disrupted for 4 days, perhaps a fluke coincidence {but hey, some of you know that there are no coincidences ;) }.

The Teoh Beng Hock case has been dragged into an inquest by the Royal Commission (sounds grand, no?), but the family along with their attorney has pulled out, perhaps out of awareness that the results are not going to be satisfactory (i.e. truthful/resemble justice) anyways. With the reputable Thai forensic expert afraid to return to the country to offer her insights into the case, the defense attorney has hired a British expert to argue their case. I rephrase, offer expert unbiased analysis.

Unfortunately, the case is far from being solved, with the momentum of proceedings at the speed of molasses heading uphill. I would use everything within my power to dilly-dally any investigations or inquests against myself if I have something to hide, but hey, that may be just me. On the contrary to a speedy process to finding the truth, the plot thickens. For example, there's more people 'committing suicide' off of the MACC building, like in this report.

Suicide cases on the rise among working professionals in Malaysia? MACC, spot of choice among these suicide-rs? Related to the fact it takes 52 hours to buy just an iPod Nano? So many questions, lah.

Oh there was a recent election in Sarawak, which was won by Barisan Nasional, the self-proclaimed one-and-only champion of all races' rights. Apparently, they did not win too many seats this time around, due to the Chinese Sarawakians turning their back on the party. So what does PM Najib, head honcho of BN suggests?

"Vote BN or be left out, you immigrants" - paraphrased, not actual quote

And recently, Anwar the face of the Opposition in Malaysia, has been bestowed the great honor of being the only one who has been accused of being a CIA agent , a sodomite and also a porn star! Wow, who says politics is boring!

There was also the seizure of about 35,000 Al-Kitab, the Bible in the local Malay language in Port Klang during 2009 and again this year at Kuching's Port because of the "threat to national security" it poses. Of course, after some angry lobbying from extremists (and also some enemies in the fold), the Home Ministry suddenly went back on it's position of viewing the Good News as a menace right before the Sarawak Elections and resolved with a pretty acceptable 10-point resolution.

But of course, the persecution never ends as there are now claims by the media (which are skewed towards Malay extremism) that Christian leaders are plotting to overthrow and banish Islam! Wow, paranoid much aren't you. The low that these extremists stoop to just to dig their hands into feces (but not of porcine or canine origin, itu haram) to try to smear the reputation of others just amazes and bemuses me.

Hmm, that's pretty much what I can gather from the top of my head about what's happening in our beloved country at the moment. Oh, and also, did I mention that Murni has an outlet in USJ! It's actually been here a while but it never came up, I guess it's not to bad to bring it up now, no? Never hurts to end with a bit of a positive note!

The only thing we still have going for us in this country perhaps?