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The unemployment statistic in Malaysia for the month of August is at 362,100 according to Labour Force Survey, Department of Statistics, Malaysia. Not too sure what the number is in October, but hey, +1 to it. Recently quit job as I found out that my EPF is not being paid despite being stated in my pay slip.

The experience has been pretty good, although I'm definitely not on same page as the management, I believe I learned more in my 4 months than most fresh graduates had in their first jobs. Was great to know that my effort and development was noticed as well, although I don't get any tangible rewards for it. Had it been more stable of a company, I'd imagine myself doing pretty well in terms of career progression. I guess it wasn't meant to be, so from the bottom again I go.

Have not been having the best of times, financial worries augmented by having no job. The pressure manifests itself in my daily life, so much so that I'm beginning to feel like something in me has changed. Perhaps its just me thinking too much. But I do feel as though I'm much lesser of what I used to be.

There are perks afforded by being jobless though, I do feel it is time to take a break and start playing music more regularly. I enjoy the extra sleep I've been getting as well, it's been so long since I had a good night's sleep.

There's a new addition to the random sounds I have in my head which I put up in the Sounds that I Hear tab at the side. Perhaps inspired by events in the past few weeks, which I can't sufficiently express through any other means.

Will post a more upbeat update soon, many more positive happenings have took place. Watch for that.

Keretapi Tanah Melayu

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What a sad mode of transportation.

I decided to take it to work for the first time today, and boy, do I feel like ripping the head off my IT Exec for even uttering the suggestion. I actually went early to avoid the peak/rush hour crowd, but hey, typical, it was late. So the usual crowd that goes into the KTM is multiplied at approximately a 2:1 ratio.

There was some dude who managed to knock my back pack off my shoulders and I spent the whole half hour ride having to carry it in one hand while trying not to accidentally fondle any of the smelly males who got their scents all over me which I can still smell as I'm typing this right now. Oh, and I am dead certain people would actually climb aboard the roof if the security actually let them. Can't blame them, when the frequency of stops as well as amount of space in the 'train' is as how it is.

And I have no freaking idea why guys who know the train is packed, point their male genitals at females in front of them while being stuck in a sardine can. Burn in hell* for your ignorance or just plain sick minds, dicks.

For the extra money I can save on this alternative-to-walking, I think heck, take my money. Take whatever is left of my measly savings. The plain incompetence that the KTM reeks of from the very first impression to the stench of the ride and everything else (ticketing, staffing, facilities e.g. seats and space, etc.) makes me sick to my guts. Literally.

Parents, please don't ever permit your daughters on this molest-o-contraption. Makes no sense when your daughters actually have a curfew at the same time to avoid 'untoward incidences' when you let them board the grope-train.

Please pass this rant on to parents that you know, unless you think molest and sexual harassment is a joke.

Or if you believe the KTM is one.

*No prophet will save you for being this darn stupid/desperate