No One's Gonna Love You

Posted by Ray | Posted on 12:43 AM


She asked me what my love language was. I didn't really answer, but I knew what it was. Just a matter of learning how to express it.

Allow me to introduce my song of 2011's Valentine's. Of course I mean no insult to such a beautifully crafted song by associating it with something as commercial (and sinful according to scholars of the Muslim faith) as Valentine's. Perhaps one of the better love songs I've heard in recent times. The original meaning of the song (I believe) references a 'twisted' parting shot at the dissolving of a romantic relationship, but it takes on a slightly different meaning for me. Realizing that despite the fading of passion's embers, love remains and the magnitude of which is still the same and unequaled, regardless of time and consequence, taking on a morbid yet syrupy taste to it.

Happy Valentine's to all, and enjoy.

Attn: Jac

Posted by Ray | Posted on 1:25 AM


As I do not have a Twitter, this is the only place appropriate for a short message dedicated to you that everyone else gets to read too.

Your strength and courage is what I find lovely about you. There is this boldness that permeates from the way you carry yourself, that I find lacking in myself, and being around you edifies me in these aspects as well. I can only pray that faced with whatever obstacles, you will always remember that you have the resources within to overcome.

Tough as nails, love.

Okay, perhaps it didn't turn out as short as I thought it would be. Or as masculine.

postscript: this counts as a Valentine's note