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And so two of the greatest people that I consider myself blessed to have met in my life walks out of the room that I am in. Along with another who had already left to an adjacent room. By room I metaphorically mean Malaysia, which is a dingy room. An un-lucrative one too. But has good food and people. Like a canteen stuffed in a room. OK, bad analogy.

Thought the title "Turnaround" is pretty significant as in the composition of a 12 bar blues in music, this is the point where all things begin, carry on or end. Sums up the various implications of this phase in life; a farewell to the life before, the progression of life in the present, as well as a beginning to the life that is to come.

There are many times that being human, our nature leads us to neglect the many blessings that we have been given. And sometimes when we do give thanks, our gratitude just does not seem to suffice, for the magnitude of these blessings are just too great. Those who know they have been blessings in my life, ;)

Besides saying farewell to uni life and friends that I've met throughout that journey, I realized that it is time for me to move on from my previous band. Despite how positively I felt about the music of the band, perhaps it was not meant to be, for me or for the band, to have something to show for all that was poured into it. This door I'll close behind me, as I walk towards the ones that lie open ahead.

Oh, and something totally unrelated to this post:

Faint flicker on my face aglow
From a million light bulbs across the surface
And all that is audible are the sighs of white lights
In this curved cradle molded by these arms
In this relative silence, to the deafening whispers of the world
Laid you, in unlikely happenstance, bare
Hand upon your forehead, eyes upon yours closed
Gently, softly, assuredly, you said


-Right, then Neither-